We are a small, family owned, videography and photography company dedicated to quality, service and affordability.  Our services include all types of portraits, wedding videography and photography, real estate photography and virtual tours and much more.

Our belief is that videography and photography services should be affordable for all customers.  Photographs and videos that commemorate life events are important and should be priced so that they don’t break the bank.

Since childhood my wife and I have had a passion for videography and photography.  We have been putting our passion to work preserving memories through video & photographs professionally since 2001.  In the past we worked only by word of mouth referrals but we had so many positive reviews from customers that we decided to take our business full time.  We still work out of our home so we are able to keep our prices low for our customers.

Your wedding and special events only happen once but when your video and photographs are captured by Blue Morpho Video & Photo the memories will be beautifully preserved forever.

- Blue Morpho Video & Photo

“Where your memories take flight.”

About Us:

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